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How do we work?

We prepare an introductory valuation basing on the projections of the building and information received from the investor. It is free of charge and does not include the project. The price given in the introductory valuation may be subject to change within +- 15%.

If you accept the first valuation, we will sign a preliminary contract, organize a meeting at the building site, measure and prepare the final project and valuation. If we sign the contract, there will be no fee for the contact at the building site.

According to the provisions of the preliminary contract and in case when the investor renounces the service after our visit, when the drawing of the project and the final valuation is complete, a fee of 700 PLN will be charged.

The next step is to sign the primary contract for carrying out the accepted project.

The investor is obliged to pay the first instalment, i.e. 35%, during three days from the day of signing the contract. We begin our work as soon as we receive the money transfer.

From that day forward, we have two weeks to produce and install the steel construction of the stairs. When the first stage is finished, the investor pays the second instalment, i.e. 45%.

We are ready to install wooden elements within five weeks from the moment of receiving the second money transfer. Most of the time, though, it depends on how the works in the building are advanced. It is safe to wait until all works inside are finished. Meanwhile, we can use the staircase with the temporary fittings.

Directly after the installation of wood we begin to install the self-supporting banister and prepare templates for glazing.

Within three weeks, we finish the installation of glazing and the investor can approve the work. The last 20% of payment is done in cash on the day of approval or at the sight of the money transfer receipt.

In the event when there are works performed that have not been included in the valuation, we draw an additional cost estimate after finishing our work.


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